Your dog has reached its final days and your veterinarian has suggested that it is time to put it down. You have made the decision of going with the euthanasia process at home and experts have decided a date and time to do so. Everything will go in vain if you are not sure about how the process works.

Letting go of pets is a very difficult task for pet owners. If you feel like your pet has reached its final days, then you can let your pet go peacefully with the help of in home euthanasia process. ZenDog Veterinarian Care can become your professional help in this case. They are based in New York and can make the last minutes of your pet a peaceful one for both you and your pets. Visit them to know more.

What Will Happen

Here is the explanation of how the euthanasia process is carried out.

·        Prepare Yourself

Not all veterinarians suggest carrying out the euthanasia process at your home. Hence, you should discuss with your vet whether they allow your pet to take its last breath at home. Let your whole family say their goodbyes to your pet.

·        Process

You can stay with your pet when the veterinarian will inject the medicine into your pet. Some of the vets prefer giving sedative before euthanasia drug is injected to make the process a painless one for your pet. However, you can decide how the procedure should be carried out.

·        Home or Vet’s Clinic

Some pets will get a panic attack when they do not find the environment as friendly and as cozy as the one that they feel at home. If you already had a dog before at home and it passed away before this pet, then your pet can get panicky as well. Understand what works better for your pet before the process.

·        Final Step

If you plan to bury your pet in your backyard, then you should check with the local ordinances and see whether it is legal to do so or not. Some of the state or county laws will not allow it. During such cases, you can choose the pet cemetery.

Euthanasia Drug

Euthanasia is a type of drug that is prepared by the overdose of barbiturates. When injected, they will attack the heart of the pet and will stop working the heart within a few seconds. Remember that the process will become painless only if the injection is given in the right amount and by following the right process.

Not all pet centers will suggest euthanasia, and the only pets that are allowed for this process are the ones that have got no other hope or medication to cure them. This process is introduced with the main goal of helping to ease the pain of the pets that have suffered enough in their life from surgeries, injections, treatments, and so on.

You can hold onto your pet closer before or even during the euthanasia process. By doing so, you will be easing some pain of your pet that is going to its final sleep of life, after experiencing all the dog quality of life