This term is often used loosely and can mean many different things. Simply put, it is a day care option for doggies, usually on a limited and specific schedule. Day care services may not be run by a facility or company. More specifically, dog day care, sometimes called “pet day care,” refers to a brief, overnight care for doggies. It fills a rather unique niche between long-term kennelling and overnight pet sitting, whereby the sitter arrives at the pet’s house each day.

Why Choose Hounds Town dog daycare franchises?

For dog lovers who lead busy lives and can not always commit to long-term dog ownership, doggie day care is a great way to still have your pet around for the small moments he or she needs. Dogs need a good chance to socialize with other animals, especially other dogs, in order to help them grow and learn. If you let your pet off-exchange gifts (like treats), take him or her to dog parks and other areas frequented by dogs, or give him or her some alone time, this will help him or her develop a feeling of “normal” among animals. In addition, by leaving your pet alone at home, you are allowing him or her to go out and meet other animals; a great way to help your pet gain confidence and a new set of friends!

Ask Questions.

Before signing up for any doggie day care program, ask upfront if they provide on-site training, if they offer vaccinations on a yearly basis, and what the facility looks like. In addition, inquire about the hours of operation and whether or not there are restrictions on the number of pets (including size and breed) that you can have at once. Some day cares do have a maximum number of pets at any given time; if a fully-staffed facility has a very small intake rate, it could mean that there may be inadequate service and amenities for clients’ needs.

Be Clear On Prices.

Be clear about what your budget is before signing anything or giving permission for someone to bring your dog to doggie day care. Make sure that you and your dog will be treated well and that the cost of services is within your price range. There are doggie day care facilities that charge fees that are as high as $20 per hour, per dog. If your dog needs shorter hours of playtime, it may be better to choose a doggie day care center that offers shorter hours or a program that allows him or her more leeway. Be wary of day cares that require payment in advance, and keep in mind that many doggie day care centers accept credit cards.