As it is often said: ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’. And who would not want their best friend to be comfortable while traipsing through the suburbs, the meadows of a quiet town or the urban jungle. The best way to help your dog have an enjoyable walk? Give him a nice, sturdy and, above all, safe dog collar. But why is a collar so important? Well, it helps to keep your dog as close to you as the situation calls for. You might want to keep your dog close when walking along a busy street, for example. Or maybe your dog sees one of his wet-nosed friends and wants to say hello, in cases like this a little more leeway is called for. All in all, the collar is the connecting piece and thus very important to keep your hairy friend safe.

Traditional collars: yes or no

You might have heard someone say that the simple collars that go around the neck and only the neck can be bad for your dog. Whilst this is true, the dangers do depend heavily on a number of factors. The first one is the energy level of your dog. If your dog tends to be very calm you might have fewer issues with a simple collar. This is because your dog is less likely to get stuck in a way that might negatively impact the airways. A second factor is the size, strength and weight of your dog. A strong and heavy dog can put a lot of force on a collar and might injure himself more heavily than a smaller dog with less strength. On the other hand, however, are smaller dogs ,as a general rule, a bit more fragile. So try to assess the risks and decide if this is the type of collar you want.

Dog harnesses: safe or constricting

If you have a very active dog you might want to opt for a dog collar that gives a little more security. A dog harness gives you just that. It is a very safe and comfortable way to secure your dog when walking your dog. The harnesses tend to wrap around the torso of a dog kind of like a shirt: with a hole for the head and two holes for his front legs. This way, when your dog gets stuck, he can breathe normally and will be in a lot less danger. It also makes it easier to keep your dog from walking on a busy street.