If you and your family are going on vacation and your dog is not going to, you will need someone to take care of them while you are away. Although you have a few options, a boarding kennel is probably the best one. Some choose a pet sitter while others opt for a friend or family member, but most pet owners make use of a dog kennel.

Value for Money

You get real value for money when you put your pet in a dog kennel boarding facility. When you find quality dog boarding in Sydney, your pet will be treated like royalty. One important factor when choosing a pet care is cost, pet sitters can be expensive, while friends or family do not have the right training to look after your dog. Not only do dog kennels provide affordable services, they also have skilled professionals on hand to look after your dogs every need.

Interaction & Companionship

If you leave your dog at home or at a friend’s home, they will not get the chance to mix with other dogs. The only chance they get is when they leave the home for exercise and this might only be once a day. Many pet owners choose to leave their dogs in a boarding kennel because they get the chance to regularly interact with other pets, something that is healthy for them.

When choosing a dog boarding kennel, you should visit the facility and ask a number of questions, such as:

  • How often will your pet get exercise sessions?
  • Is there cage free options or suites?
  • What kind of food will they eat?
  • Are there indoor or outdoor facilities?

Exercise & Nutrition

A good quality boarding facility will offer daily exercise time and excellent nutrition. Your dog will snack on healthy food while having the opportunity to work out at regular intervals throughout the day.

Expert Care

Most boarding kennels have highly trained personnel to look after your pet. They usually have a vet on-site to deal with any problems.

There are many good reasons to put your dog in a kennel if you are going away for a few days. Pet boarding facilities are made with safety in mind and the staff who work there really care about the animals they look after. Dog kennels offer a range of benefits, ensuring your pet stays happy and healthy during their stay.