Studies show that many pet owners have their reservations about leaving their dog behind, as they head to work or step out of the house. Let’s be real – There are places, where your beloved pooch cannot tag along, and that’s where you need a doggy daycare service. If you check online for Long Island City dog daycare options, you will many options, so how do you select one? In this post, we are sharing the basic tips that matter.

What exactly is dog daycare?

A dog daycare facility basically takes care of your dog for a few hours, typically not including overnight stay. If you have to leave for work for hours, or don’t have anyone at home to take care of your dog, these services can be handy. Most services either charge per day, or by the hour, but the services are typically the same.

What to expect?

Dog owners need to know what to expect for a dog daycare service in general. Here’s a quick list –

  • The place should have good reviews. Check if the locals of Long Island City have reviewed the service online. Independent references are your best bet, or else, you can ask for references.

  • Cleanliness and hygiene. You don’t want to leave your dog at a place that’s not maintained well. Unfortunately, other dogs can carry ticks, fleas and other diseases, and you would want your pooch to be as safe as possible. Pay a personal visit to check this aspect.
  • Keeping your dog at daycare service doesn’t mean holding the pet in a kennel. You would want the pet to have some leisure activities. There should be group activities, and if your dog is a loner of sorts, the handlers should anyway play and keep the pet engaged. Ask in advance what kind of activities are included.
  • Grooming. Some dog daycare services do offer grooming and spa services at an extra charge, so if you would like your dog to be pampered, this is the best idea for a weekday.
  • Pet taxi. Not all services have this, but this could be a good add-on. The dog daycare service can pick and drop off your dog at a time scheduled by you. You don’t need to bother about fetching the pet.

Final word

Find the best possible dog daycare in the city for your dog, and do book a grooming session!